Advanced Curriculum for a totally improved Child

The school provides an integrated curriculum that aims at giving the child a well rounded education

Our Academic Departments

(A) Nursery/Primary Schools

(B) Junior Secondary School (JSS)

(C) Senior Secondary School(SSS)


1.     Mathematics

2.     English Language

3.     Christian Religious Studies (C.R.S)

4.     Basic Science and Technology

5.     Social studies

6.    Edo Language

7.   Agricultural science

8.   French

9.   Music

10. Computer science

11. Home Economics

12. Vocational studies

13. Verbal Reasoning

14. Quantitative Reasoning

15. Fine Art

16. Literature-in-English

17. Physical and Health Education (P.H.E)

18. Hand-writing


The best student in the entrance Examination into JSS 1 is given automatic scholarship for one year.

Also the best pupils in Nursery 3 and JSS 3 are given a year scholarship.